City of Arévalo

Design proposal for ideas contest of the creation of the logo of the city of Arévalo.


Project description


The proposal starts with a formal synthesis of the rivers as representative symbols of the inexorable flow of time. From the beginning, man has understood the river as synonymous with life.

The icon, in addition to representing time and life, reflects the geographical situation of the locality: at the confluence of the Adaja and Arevalillo Rivers in the Douro River (The name of Arévalo according to some authors means place between rivers). On the other hand, the tilde over the “e” recalls historical elements related to castles such as a hoisted flag or a knight’s head of armor.

The sign is synthetic, pregnant and memorable. Indispensable conditions when developing a logo.

Red symbolizes power and vitality. It also brings confidence, courage, optimism, passion, action and energy. In turn, gray and black symbolize neutrality, giving a feeling of brilliance, luxury and elegance.

Typography retains common features with the style of representation of the sign.

Variants of the main logo: Each symbol is formed by repetition element of the main logo. In this way, a specific image of the city of Arévalo will be created, with a very own visual content.





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